About us


About Us

My brand story is building confidence in women sometimes certain adjustment to your style can change you mood positively enhancing your confidence. I feel naturally beautiful but when I use to make my wigs for myself back in the days as soon as I would put it on it was an instant mode changer ( I would call it " Instant Bad Bish Activation) I felt like the baddest women in the world and my confidence would go thru the roof. Then I would actually be able to enjoy myself because if I feel like I look good I’m going to have a blast and I know other people can relate. Once you feel beautiful head to toe your going to end up having the time of your life.. just that simple. So now I want to do the same for other women, I created a virtual styling system a one stop shop business, when women can get all of there beauty needs, soon I’ll be able to open up for men, with a wide variety of products but right now I specialize in women from head to toe I have accessories and other products as well. Slowly working on more. I spent way too much time in the past searching for what to wear, and on finding the best products, good quality all for one night out it would take me weeks of preparations then would spend my finances on things that I don't even feel confidence about, so I’m tapping into the hottest fashion items as well I want to make it so easy for women to go out. So that all they have to work on is enjoying their time out. I want to style you and provide women with all they needs to feel confidence to achieve their desire. My customer wigs and beauty services I provide is out of this world.